Malmoe Reptile Center
The city’s wildest place
500 square meters of jungle

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Zoological gardens play an important role in modern society in order to give an increased understanding of animals and nature. For many animal species, zoological gardens are a guarantee for their survival. This places a considerable responsibility on these establishments to inform and educate the general public. It is our endeavour to assist in this work through our activities..

The Terrarium in Malmö’s “Folkets Park” (public park), was founded in 1983 and has made itself a reputation for sucessful animal breeding. Our work contributes to both research and educacation about both animals and nature that remain today

We also offer guided tours for schools and other groups. Please note that guided tours need be arranged by appointment well ahead of time – please call for more information. We also have popular curiosity tous for girls and mens pre-wedding parties

Malmö Reptile Center offers private individuals and companies to become “fodder” hosts to our exhibits. You can help support our work in this manner and receive an advertising plaque. The plaque is in engraved brass and mounted in the exhibition area. Please call for a suggested quotation.

Do take a tour through our photographs to see a little of the development and the interior of
Malmö Reptile Center Terrarium in Malmös Folkets Park.

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